THIEF is a fun and exciting game that gives children the opportunity to practice their hard-to-learn multiplication facts in a battle to lock up the most territory for their team!

Players alternate turns rolling a dice and using their markers to take over spaces on the board based on the corresponding products. Teams try to get two markers on each space before the other team can invade and force them out of their territory! The team with the most spaces under their control at the end of the round wins!

Two-sided game boards allow for practice with two grade-level appropriate factors!

Included in purchase: Double-sided game board (two sheets), two colors of counters, a number die (grade level appropriate), multiplication fact lesson cards, lesson notes including game directions and key learning concepts, and a storage bag

Topics: Multiplication

Grade Levels: Grade 3, Grade 4

Variations for Each Grade Level

Grade 3 Multiples of 5 & 10

Grade 4 Multiples of 6 & 7 


Grade Level