ROSTER ROLL is a Sumboxes take on a classic family dice game!

Players roll 6 dice each turn and get three chances to optimize their roll before using their roll to fulfill one of the 10 goals on the record sheet. At the end of each turn, the player must choose to record their roll in one of the 10 goal slots and can use each goal slot only one time in each round. At the end of round, players receive 5 points for each correct number that they created and the player who creates the largest correct number for each goal receives an additional 5 points for that goal. The player with the most points wins the round!

Version for Grades 3-5 with grade-specific topics for place value and properties of operations.

Included in purchase: ROSTER ROLL record sheets, 6 (0-9) dice, lesson notes including game directions and key learning concepts, and a storage bag

Topics: Place Value, Properties of Operations, Decimals, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

Grade Levels: Grade 3, Grade 4 , Grade 5

Grade Level