MORE OR LESS THE SAME is a fun-filled activity for children to explore and compare quantities expressed in different forms!

One dot card is placed in the center of the workplace and players select a card from their set that has the same number of dots as the card in the center of the workplace. After players are able to grasp the concept of equal quantities, allow players to explore finding cards that represent either more or less than the card in the center.

MORE OR LESS THE SAME is a great environment to allow players to investigate the idea of quantity comparisons. Allow students to cycle through the cards and get comfortable with knowing which cards have more, less or the same dots as a given card in the center of the workstation.

Included in purchase: MORE OR LESS THE SAME category cards, a deck of square purple 52 pickup dot cards, lesson notes including game directions and key learning concepts, and a storage bag

Topics: Number Recognition, Quantity Comparisons 

Grade Levels: Kindergarten



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