CAPTURE THE CLOVER is a fun-filled game where players test their luck in trying to get more sets of three counters in a row than their opponent.

Players alternate turns rolling a dice, multiplying the roll by a common factor, and using one of their counters to cover the product on the board. Players use their math knowledge and the luck of the Irish to try to connect three in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). Play continues until all of the spaces on the board are covered. Players count their sets of three and the player with the most sets of three in a row is declared the winner.

Two sides of the gameboard allow players to practice with multiples of 8 and multiples of 9.

Included in purchase: CAPTURE THE CLOVER game boards, 4 sets of 20 counters, 2 (1-12) dice, multiplication reference cards, lesson notes including game directions and key learning concepts, and a storage bag

Topics: Multiplication, Factors, Strategy

Grade Levels: Grade 4

Grade Level