HORSE is a fun basketball-themed contest that gives players the opportunity to show off their knowledge of multiplication, factors and division. 

Players alternate turns rolling two dice and using the digits to create a two digit number. They then choose two cards from their hand (out of a group of eight) and multiply the two factors to create a product that is as close as possible to the number created from the dice roll. At the end of each turn, players compare the products that they have created and the player with the number closest to the target gets to record their fact in the H row on their record sheet. Play continues until one player completes all five rows. That player wins the round.

Alternate variations available on the back of the lesson notes

Included in purchase: HORSE record sheets, deck of (0-10) number cards, 3 (0-9) dice, lesson notes including game directions and key learning concepts, and a storage bag

Topics: Multiplication, Factors, Division

Grade Levels: Grade 4

Grade Level